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Discover some of the countless, obvious & hidden, beauty of Aegina. Explore the
beautiful & special island of Aegina through a unique journey into the culture
through a wide range of activities & through a heady evening entertainment
company with its hospitable inhabitants of this extraordinary place.


What moves us most in Katerina hotel is to offer our customers the family warmth and tranquility, combined with safety and indescribable beauty of the city. Safe and welcoming Aegina with playgrounds, children’s pools, entertainment programs and all sports, archaeological sites, sightseeing, folklore and archaeological museums, entertainment with Greek music and dancing, traditional workshops where you will see the old craftsmen at work , walking on wonderful trails.


Every morning our hotel guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast consisting of natural flavors and some of your favorite traditional recipes of the region with the freshest selected systatika.To breakfast is considered the prime meal of the holiday and the most important source of energy for a active day. “The local Greek breakfast gives the first” taste “of the culinary culture of each place by adding value to the overall customer experience score.”


Design and make your wedding in an idyllic location with a romantic atmosphere in the Aegina. Experience the most beautiful day of your life at charming Aegina, exchange vows eternal love to the most beautiful parts of the city and enjoy with your family in one of the most beautiful banquet rooms in the region. Katerina Hotel promises to offer the best accommodation experience for the couple, their friends and relatives.


The Welcoming , colorful and picturesque city of Aegina is surrounded by an abundance of beautiful beaches , all yours to enjoy. The town itself has two sandy Beaches. A mere 4 km from Aegina’s port you will find Marathon. There one can find two green organized beaches filled with Eucalyptus trees, reeds and bushes. Swim alongside the Gorgeous rocky beach of Perdika by diving from two wooden platforms.
In a very close proximity one can also find the picturesque beaches of Klima and Sarpa.


In Aegina, besides swimming in the beautiful beaches you can enjoy some water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. The windsurfing is an exciting sport for all people, regardless of age and sex, since it does not require great physical strength, at least in the beginning. The key role played by correct technique. The St. Basil’s beach on Aegina considered the best present for Kite Surf, a new and favorite sport for lovers of water sports.


The island of Aegina is home to a wonderful selection of beautiful churches and monasteries, scattered all over the island. These churches and monasteries are well worth visiting, where one can admire the beautiful religious artwork and artifacts inside. It is said that in every mountain peaks is built and a chapel. The church of St Nicholas at the entrance of the port of Aegina. The picturesque chapel of Agia Marina in Agia Marina. In somewhat well preserved church of Saint Nikolaos, the cell of St. Dionysios of Zakynthos and the Diocese. The imposing church of Agios Nektarios is built in miniature of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.